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A Public Figure, established in 2014, created a self-made business as an entrepreneur, model, and social media celebrity. I use my influence and online presence to be creative and help other businesses become successful, while continuously building a bigger, and bigger online following. I use my creativity in different photoshoots and small video clips, which have a proven track record of boosting traffic and sales significantly.

My Followers are Your Consumers:

The demographic that follows me is males between the ages of 19-60, as well as females between the ages of 18-32, based off of Instagram and WordPress statistics. I average between 200-250 comments per post, and 3,000 and 4,000 likes per post. My top two visiting countries are the United States (72%) and Canada (19%).


I have been featured on Seattle’s Rock Radio KISW various times, as well as co-hosted the show. I have also been featured on Mike Busey’s Podcast, Sausage Castle Promotions, Adam Calhoun Social Media Videos, and Charlie Classic’s Social Media Videos along with his Low Life Clothing line.


Project/Product Sponsorship, Modeling, Social Media Promotions, Giveaways, and Representations at Events.

Previous Professional Collaborations:

Angry Moon Photography- Instagram: @angrymoondotnet / Photoshoot (Examples of work below)

Adam Calhoun- Instagram: @adamcalhoun1 / Video

Charlie Classic- Instagram: @charlieclassic / Photoshoot & Videos (Examples of work below)

InsidetheDrop Photography- Instagram: @insidethedrop / Photoshoot & Merchandise

Mike Busey Show- Instagram: @mikebuseyshow / Podcast & Social Media

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